At MezzaninesWarsaw, we deal with solid wood mezzanines. More specifically, we materialize the ideas of our clients. Above all, we prepare and make various mezzanines. If needed, we also design. We carry out conceptual and preparatory work in our workshop in Ursus, and we install mezzanines directly for clients in Warsaw and the surrounding area.

Every single mezzanine differs and is a craftsmanship which integrally enlarges space of house or other premises. And that’s what motivates us to act; on the one hand, the tangibility of our work, on the other, the individual character of each mezzanine built by us. Besides, for some customers, we realize their childhood dreams in this way 🙂

A well-made mezzanine can make the interior of a flat or house more attractive. In addition to the new perspective, we gain an additional living space that our children or ourselves use.

The enlargement of the flat area through the installation of the mezzanine is currently a very popular direction that guarantees the increase in the profitability of flats for rent (especially short-term rental ). We have crafted mezzanine in centre of Warsaw, which increased the number of people who can rent a flat from 4 to 8 at the same time.

The mezzanine must always be adapted to the apartment or flat. Our projects are realized both in relatively low – rise apartments (from 2.60 meters – a typical sleeping function) as well as high – rise apartments, houses or other premises (up to 5 meters in height – full utility properties).

We approach each of our projects individually. However, our overriding value is to provide a product that meets the health & safety standards at the same time functional and beautiful.

You want to see our work closer; welcome to the project gallery.

We have two showroom apartments where we can meet and present you our mezzanines.

You would like to talk to us or write to us; please contact us.

We do the basic valuation of the project remotely, the details are set up during a meeting at the client’s place or in our workshop.